Christmas and Light Painting Pictures

Students in the Digital Media Production (DMP) program used their photography, lighting and camera mode skills to create awesome Christmas and Light Painting Pictures.

Thank you Chris Brannon for planning and setting up the event, bringing your equipment and lights.  Thank you DMP students for setting up the event, learning how to use the DMP Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera and participating in the event.

Thank you to all of the GCTC – Seminole Campus students and staff for participating in this fun event.

Click on this Christmas & Light Painting Pictures hyperlink to view and download the pictures.

Light Painting Day 2-27

Merry Christmas!



2015 – 8th Grade Expo & Sophomore Showcase – Thank You & Pictures

The 2015 – 8th Grade Expo & Sophomore Showcase was fantastic.

Thank you students, counselors and teachers for coming to the Expo and Showcase. Students we hope you had fun, learned something new and will choose to enroll in the Digital Media Production program.

Pictures from the Expo and showcase are on Flickr.  Click on this hyperlink –  2015 – 8th Grade Expo & Sophomore Showcase to view and download pictures.

If you have questions feel free to send me an email or call Gordon Cooper Technology Center – Seminole Campus.

Betty Lowrance

Betty Lowrance – Digital Media Production – Instructor


Phone:  405.303.2886  Extension – 1104




Minecraft Programming Books – Research through Amazon

Minecraft Programming Books – Research Through Amazon

ENTHUSIASM abounds as students in the Digital Media classes that I teach use Minecraft.

Emily, one of my students, brought the Sams Teach Yourself Mod Development for Minecraft in 24 Hours  reference book that she purchased to learn more about Minecraft.  This made me start thinking about what other books could student use to learn programming skills and have fun creating awesome worlds in Minecraft.  Thank you Emily for opening this door for me to research other books!!

Students use Minecraft to design games within Minecraft, create awesome models, create and deliver presentations about their Minecraft work, create in world videos, create and edit videos and learn programming concepts.

These are some of the books that I am researching for textbooks and reference materials to teach students computer programming skills while creating Minecraft Mods.


Sams Teach Yourself Mod Development for Minecraft in 24 Hours


Adventures in Minecraft



Learn to Program with Minecraft Plugins: Create Flaming Cows in Java Using CanaryMod



Minecraft Mastery: Build Your Own Redstone Contraptions and Mods



The Advanced Strategy Guide to Minecraft



Minecraft Modding For Kids For Dummies



Python for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming


Amazing Student Minecraft Projects

Minecraft Amazement

The Digital Media Production (DMP) students are creating AMAZING Minecraft worlds.

I continue to be amazed by the excitement, engagement and teamwork demonstrated by students in the Digital Media Production (DMP) program using Minecraft.

Minecraft Collaborative Process

Students are working in teams using Minecraft to build spectacular Minecraft worlds. The student Minecraft creations include castles, battle towers, cities, games within Minecraft, farms and coliseums. Some of the teams have included fireworks, mazes, roller coasters, elevators, pixel art, mini games and much more in their Minecraft world. Some of the teams are using Minecraft mods to create different versions of Minecraft worlds.

At the beginning of the Minecraft projects students brainstormed building ideas. Students decided what groups they would like to work in and selected the designs that they would like to build. Students with specialized skills worked in more that one Minecraft group to share their building expertise and to help other students build their Minecraft skills.

Minecraft Research & Design

Students used the Internet to research how to build coliseums, create mazes based on maps and to learn how to better use Minecraft. Students read information, looked at maps, watched YouTube videos and critiqued each others designs during the Minecraft building process.

Students teams designed, tested and rebuilt designs in their Minecraft worlds. Students used critical thinking and logic when they were creating fireworks, creating roller coasters, designing pressure plates, adding lighting and managing resources. Students used project management skills when they assigned tasks, trained their team members, managed the progress of their team and discussed their weekly progress in team and class meetings.

Minecraft Planning – Google Drive

Students are using Google Drive to plan, collaborate and document their building progress.

These are pictures of a Google Drive Document that students are using to plan and build their coliseum.

Coliseum Minecraft Plan

Coliseum Drawing


Coliseum - Fireworks



In the Future

Students will create and edit videos of Minecraft characters walking through their Minecraft worlds and upload the videos to the Internet. Students will provide guided tours of their Minecraft worlds and explain the building process to guests in the classroom.

Students will write articles about their Minecraft projects and post the articles to their WordPress websites.




Minecraft Model of GCTC Seminole Campus – Created by DMP Students

GCTC Sign Outside Front

Students in the Digital Media Production class at Gordon Cooper Technology Center – Seminole Campus created a model of the Gordon Cooper Technology Center (GCTC) Seminole Campus using Minecraft.

 Students are recording videos of their characters walking through and interacting in the GCTC Seminole Campus Minecraft model and taking pictures of their model.

      Interior Main Hallway             Exterior Arial View Bldg

Stay tuned as students share their experiences, videos and pictures online using YouTube, Google+, WordPress, Flickr, Facebook and Twitter.

This is a Student Blog Post about the Minecraft GCTC Seminole Campus modeling project.

Gaming :: GameMooc – open course 4 educators who want 2 learn games 4 education

I joined GameMooc to learn more about gaming, learn how to develop games, use game based learning in my classroom and network with other educators who want to learn more about games for education, simulations and game like environments.

The GameMooc is designed for all levels of participation. The matrix from Dr. Lisa Dawley’s Social Network Knowledge Construction is the model for the course.

Educators can participate at any level in the GameMooc.

1) Identifying Network Opportunities

2) Lurking

3) Contributing

4) Creating

5) Leading

A MOOC  is based on the educational theory of connectivism. So it’s not just about a single learner but also about the whole community, which is something that is integral to gaming, the gaming community and concept of a guild.


What is a MOOC? Here’s a link to an introductory video.

First look at “Misunderstood”


The Digital Media Production students of the Gordon Cooper Seminole campus have just finished the production of a short film entitled “Misunderstood”. The movie was made for the Oklahoma Business Professionals of America ( BPA) film competition. The five-minute video tells the story of a fictional high school student named Jacob, and how bullying affects him and the drastic measures he takes to escape it.

Zac as "Jacob Sawyer"

The Team worked very hard on the film and faced freezing temperatures to film the outside scenes. The cast was made up of students in the program. Zac Tyner played the leading role of Jacob, Garrett McCoy and Josh Newman played the bullies. Cori Graham portrayed the role of Jacob’s mother. Chelsea Maddox portrayed Jacob’s best friend Sarah, Jackson Julien and Lacey Wiley portrayed TV news reporters.

The cast and crew at the of filming.

The director and assistant directors were Zac Tyner and Josh Newman; Jackson Julien produced the film. The boom operators were Josh Lucas and Kevin Adams. The entire team worked very hard on the project and we wish them good luck in the competition, we’ll be keeping you posted so stay tuned for more!

make-up time!    

More pictures of the crew filming are on the DMP Facebook Fan Page.

By Lacey Wiley

Student Film Crew Featured in the Seminole Producer

Misunderstood - Film Crew

Gordon Cooper Technology Center – Seminole Campus students from the Digital Media Production program on the set of their film “Misunderstood” are shown in this picture from the Seminole Producer newspaper.

The students braved the cold morning temperatures three days last week to film scenes for their short film titled Misunderstood which is about bullying.

Police officers from the Seminole Police Department are featured in the crime scene investigation.

Stay tuned for more updates about the students film titled Misunderstood……….



Misunderstood - Film